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Do you take insurance?

At this time I don’t take insurance. I do offer receipts to my clients that can be turned into their insurance company for reimbursement. Not all insurance companies will reimburse for out of network benefits so it will be up to you to check with your individual insurance if they do reimbursement. ​

How often should I get a massage?

Every body is different than the next. I will do an assessment at your first appointment and suggest frequency of treatment.

Where is your massage studio located?

My massage studio is located on my residential property in Tenino. Once your first appointment is confirmed I will share the address.

How much clothing should I remove for my massage?

This is completely up to your own comfort leave.

Do you have a restroom I can use if needed?

Yes absolutely!

What type of oil and/or lotion do you use?

I primarily use coconut oil and/or Sacred Earth Massage Cream. If you have any skin sensitivities please let me know before your appointment.

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